Some Investing Mistakes

You cannot learn horse riding if you have a fear of horses, or fear falling off, or fear getting a sore rump or sore legs.  You cannot learn horse riding if you fear those things that are very likely to happen.

You cannot be successful in anything if you have fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are a part of the learning process. People make mistakes, learn from them, avoid those mistakes in future, and reach the pinnacle. Those who fear of taking the initiative remain at the same place throughout their life.

Mistakes and suffering can be avoided. You can avoid them by knowing about them and knowing the ways to avoid them. An investor can avoid major losses in the market by understanding the common mistakes being made by other investors and by utilizing insight from professional stock market research firms.

Here are some common mistakes that many investors make.


Buying shares using borrowed money is termed as margin. If you invest in the market using the money that you have borrowed from any financial institution or from some another source, you are literally or figuratively buying on margin.

This might result in greater profits temporarily, but ultimately it exacerbates any mistake you might make. Until you are done learning about the market, you should not buy on margin. And since you never stop learning about the market, you should never buy on margin.

Day Trading-

Think twice or thrice before becoming a day trader. Day trading involves a big risk so should be done by only well-funded investors. Day traders need special equipment that only large investors have access to. Unless you have ideal expertise, equipment, and the ability to ensure speedy order execution, this should not be an option for you.

Investing in Cheap Stocks

It is tempting to invest in beaten down or cheap stocks. The potential for huge profits seem great, and these types of stocks pay off often enough to make these huge profits seem real.

However, in the long run, this is a losing strategy. Obtaining a good price is important, but you should not sacrifice quality. In the long run, the most effective and certain way to beat the market is to buy very good companies at reasonable prices and then give them the time to create the value you bought them to create.

Some Investing Mistakes

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