At Vershire we explain how to differentiate between Markets

The two terms “Bull” and “Bear” are very important and frequently used in the parlance of stock market investment. Since the direction of the market is a major force affecting the investors’ portfolio, it is very important to understand these two terms. Generally applied in terms of describing the stock market, whether they are appreciating or depreciating, these terms also denote how investors feel about the market and the ensuing trend.

A bull market is usually typified by a sustained increase in the stock prices. Simply put, it refers to a market on the rise. At such times, the country’s economy is strong and the employment levels are high. Investors are generally in the upbeat mood and expect the uptrend to continue.

Contrary to this scenario, a bear market is one in which the market is on the decline. The national economy typically slows down and unemployment will rise as companies are in the attrition mode. Investors in such scenarios expect markets to fall even lower and this pessimism perpetuates the spiral.

At Vershire Research, we do well in bull markets, but do particularly well in (and even look forward to) bear markets because we emphasize high-quality, dividend-paying stocks – the kind that hold up well when the market is being battered by a storm of pessimism. We strive to make money both in good times and in bad, and we feel that dividends are the key to doing so.

Our basic approach is characterized by bottom-up, fundamental analysis. Along the way, we explain how the market works, why the best investors will always be able to beat it and which techniques yield the biggest bang for the buck.

Our team of researchers conducts a quarterly, comprehensive, analysis of almost 2,000 American companies. Utilizing the theories, principles and statistics that we espouse while explaining the stock market, we make actual forecasts and recommendations. We explain which stocks to buy, hold, or sell. Our ratings are proprietary, simple, and effective and our track record of success in the last 9-10 years, gives us the confidence to make future recommendations about the best long term dividend stocks and the best monthly dividend stocks. With our intensive research, we want to make Vershire one of the best stock research sites in America.

At Vershire we explain how to differentiate between Markets

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