Stock Market Investing with Vershire Research

“Investing is about taking advantage of fear and greed. We like to buy when there’s fear. In other words, when the market is going down, we love to be a buyer. When the market is going up, we love to be a seller” says Phil Town, an investment advisor, hedge fund manager, and two-time NY Times best-selling author.

Vershire Research is a premier research firm tasked with studying and understanding the American stock market. Over the last decade, its body of work has been formidable and trustworthy, making it one of the best stock research sites available. Its work has been called articulate, informed and informative. And the firm is dedicated to being an indispensable and invaluable advisor to the non-specialist general investor, to empower them to understand the hazards and opportunities of the stock market.

Its in-depth research and analysis does well in bull markets, but its forte lies in performing in bear markets, because Vershire emphasizes high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. The best long term dividend stocks hold up well when the market is being battered by a storm of pessimism. The firm strives to make money both in good times and in bad, and it feels that dividends are the key to doing so. Thereby, Vershire beats the market in terms of returns and in terms of risk.

Key features of its research include an explanation about how to invest in stocks. Vershire does not believe that the market is unbeatable. With this premise, Vershire does thorough research and fundamental analysis of the stock market, and explains in detail to investors about how to beat the market. Vershire also explains in the dynamics of the stock market, why the best investors will always be able to beat it, and which techniques yield the biggest bang for the buck. Vershire performs a thorough, bottom-up analysis of over 2000 of the most popular US companies, rating each one of them on their ability to achieve a strong and steady return. Over the years, this approach has paid off; Vershire’s highest-rated stocks have made money seven years out of nine with a cumulative return of over 120%.

Stock Market Investing with Vershire Research

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