At Vershire we explain how to differentiate between Markets

The two terms “Bull” and “Bear” are very important and frequently used in the parlance of stock market investment. Since the direction of the market is a major force affecting the investors’ portfolio, it is very important to understand these two terms. Generally applied in terms of describing the stock market, whether they are appreciating or depreciating, these terms also denote how investors feel about the market and the ensuing trend.

A bull market is usually typified by a sustained increase in the stock prices. Simply put, it refers to a market on the rise. At such times, the country’s economy is strong and the employment levels are high. Investors are generally in the upbeat mood and expect the uptrend to continue.

Contrary to this scenario, a bear market is one in which the market is on the decline. The national economy typically slows down and unemployment will rise as companies are in the attrition mode. Investors in such scenarios expect markets to fall even lower and this pessimism perpetuates the spiral.

At Vershire Research, we do well in bull markets, but do particularly well in (and even look forward to) bear markets because we emphasize high-quality, dividend-paying stocks – the kind that hold up well when the market is being battered by a storm of pessimism. We strive to make money both in good times and in bad, and we feel that dividends are the key to doing so.

Our basic approach is characterized by bottom-up, fundamental analysis. Along the way, we explain how the market works, why the best investors will always be able to beat it and which techniques yield the biggest bang for the buck.

Our team of researchers conducts a quarterly, comprehensive, analysis of almost 2,000 American companies. Utilizing the theories, principles and statistics that we espouse while explaining the stock market, we make actual forecasts and recommendations. We explain which stocks to buy, hold, or sell. Our ratings are proprietary, simple, and effective and our track record of success in the last 9-10 years, gives us the confidence to make future recommendations about the best long term dividend stocks and the best monthly dividend stocks. With our intensive research, we want to make Vershire one of the best stock research sites in America.

At Vershire we explain how to differentiate between Markets

Vershire Research will help you to make prudent investments

We understand that well-informed decisions are a must for being a successful stock investor. Vershire uses fundamental analysis to scrutinize the financial performance of the most popular public companies. We then use the results of this analysis to help investors make informed decisions regarding the best long term dividend stockss.


Vershire Research focuses on understanding about 2,000 American companies. This purity of purpose and emphasis on research pays off. Over our 10-year existence, our highest-rated stocks have beaten our lowest-rated stocks by over 80 percent.

Today, we are recognized as one of the best stock research sites and one of the few research firms that beat the market in terms of return and risk. Vershire Research has won critical praise for the clarity and simplicity with which we explain the stock market and the investing process to individual investors. We have been successful in our goal of providing information about the best stocks to buy now. Our website also provides information about the highest paying dividend stocks, best-performing stocks, the best cheap stocks, the best oil stocks, and the best gold stocks.

Vershire Research will help you to make prudent investments

Vershire Research- Helping People Invest Wisely

People invest in stocks for various reasons. The practice of investing your money with an individual or institution is termed an investment. In return, you’ll hopefully end up receiving more money than you originally invested. Studies have shown equities routinely grade out as the best long-term investments. Actively investing is a worthwhile, achievable, and fascinating pursuit. Investors will be amazed at how they can succeed at this challenging but intriguing and rewarding endeavor.

People investing the stock market are understandably torn by the exact style to employ. Some prefer to let money managers manage their money. Others utilize a more hands on approach. While another category of investors applies a combination strategy of investing some money on their own, while entrusting other to professional money managers.

If you employ a more hands on approach, we would like to say the following. Research platforms are undoubtedly, one of the best methods to study the market.  A research platform can provide you with a wealth of information, such as quotes for individual stocks, company financial statements, key company statistics, and much more.

Fundamental analysis is the process of evaluating a company’s business performance and competitive positioning—such as revenues, expenses, earnings, and cash flow.

For independent, accurate and reliable information regarding investments in stocks, Vershire Research is one of the best stock research sites in United States. Our focus is on analyzing American companies (we engage in no sell-side analysis). The conclusions arrived at are the result of pure research. We are committed to making our website the principal referral site for all investors who want to study and invest in stocks based on rock-solid, no-nonsense, fundamental analysis.

The fundamental methodology applied by our firm is classic financial analysis. Vershire Research helps you in making informed decisions regarding individual stocks, particularly the best dividend stocks. You will find our research and the methods we describe an excellent way to uncover the best monthly dividend stocks and best long term dividend stocks.

Vershire Research- Helping People Invest Wisely

Stock Market Investing with Vershire Research

“Investing is about taking advantage of fear and greed. We like to buy when there’s fear. In other words, when the market is going down, we love to be a buyer. When the market is going up, we love to be a seller” says Phil Town, an investment advisor, hedge fund manager, and two-time NY Times best-selling author.

Vershire Research is a premier research firm tasked with studying and understanding the American stock market. Over the last decade, its body of work has been formidable and trustworthy, making it one of the best stock research sites available. Its work has been called articulate, informed and informative. And the firm is dedicated to being an indispensable and invaluable advisor to the non-specialist general investor, to empower them to understand the hazards and opportunities of the stock market.

Its in-depth research and analysis does well in bull markets, but its forte lies in performing in bear markets, because Vershire emphasizes high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. The best long term dividend stocks hold up well when the market is being battered by a storm of pessimism. The firm strives to make money both in good times and in bad, and it feels that dividends are the key to doing so. Thereby, Vershire beats the market in terms of returns and in terms of risk.

Key features of its research include an explanation about how to invest in stocks. Vershire does not believe that the market is unbeatable. With this premise, Vershire does thorough research and fundamental analysis of the stock market, and explains in detail to investors about how to beat the market. Vershire also explains in the dynamics of the stock market, why the best investors will always be able to beat it, and which techniques yield the biggest bang for the buck. Vershire performs a thorough, bottom-up analysis of over 2000 of the most popular US companies, rating each one of them on their ability to achieve a strong and steady return. Over the years, this approach has paid off; Vershire’s highest-rated stocks have made money seven years out of nine with a cumulative return of over 120%.

Stock Market Investing with Vershire Research

Investing in Stocks is not Gambling

Many people avoid investing in stocks, reasoning that it is not much different than gambling. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that chance is inherent in both endeavors. But there the similarity ends.

There is no intrinsic benefit to gambling. It results in no net gain to society. It is a narcotic that makes some “feel” good, but does not truly result in any kind of progress. Furthermore, those who succeed at gambling are those who can most skillfully leverage and exacerbate the chance inherent within it.

Stock investing (done successfully) allocates capital to the most worthy and valuable enterprises and starves poorly run businesses and bad ideas of funding. And smart, shrewd, and successful stock investors skillfully reduce the chance inherent in stock investing. They try to structure their portfolios such that their portfolios rise or fall solely based on their ability to identify and invest in businesses creating real value. Successful stock investing is the engine that drives society forward.

So those who consider investing in stocks equal to gambling should reassess their position. Stock investing is only as similar to gambling as an individual investor wants to make it. Smart investors make it as different to gambling as they can. Smart investors seek out the best performing stocks by coveting and investing in the best long term stocks that are creating real value.

Furthermore, identifying the best long term stocks is a straightforward endeavor. It is not the exclusive domain of a select few who have propriety knowledge of some powerful, mysterious or abstruse insight.

If you doubt this, do a search of the best stock research sites. Give special attention to those that embrace and espouse no-nonsense, fundamental analysis. These are the ones that truly try to determine the intrinsic value of the stocks they cover. Study their analysis reports, recommendations, and blogs. Successful stock investing is a skill; and any valuable skill takes time and effort to master.

Investing in Stocks is not Gambling

What To Do With Your Energy Stock Investments

About two years after the panic of 2008-2009, the price of oil (i.e. West Texas Intermediate crude oil) eventually recovered to a little over $100 per barrel. But since June of 2014, it has plummeted and it is currently selling at slightly under $ 50 per barrel. This fall has pushed down the prices of energy stocks, earnings, and dividends. This has compelled many investors to think over what they should now do with their energy investments and where to find the best oil stocks. Consequently, it is very instructive to understand the basics of oil and the oil industry.

Oil is incredibly difficult, time-consuming and costly to find. But once it’s found, it costs practically nothing to pump it from the ground. The price of any good or service that has huge fixed costs but low marginal costs is going to tend to be erratic.

Despite this, when the price of oil is trading near the low end of its price spectrum, there is no shortage of pessimists who believe this state of affairs will continue forever. They ignore the fact that the same forces that pushed oil to swing so dramatically in one direction will eventually make it swing dramatically in the other direction.

We are not saying the price of oil will make a roaring comeback any time soon. In fact, (despite the fact that oil is a “finite” resource) we believe the long-term price of oil will trend downward slightly. Furthermore, we still cannot find many individual oil companies that we like unabashedly.

But we are saying we are more sanguine about what is happening in the oil industry now than we were a few years ago. And these things always take years (not months) to sort out. It is always helpful to keep long-term fundamental principles in mind. And the most important fundamental principle about oil (and energy in general) that we would like individuals to keep in mind is the following.

Oil and energy are the backbone of development. Until a viable, cheap alternative is found, their demand will never end. And when a viable alternative energy is found, the best players in the oil industry will probably find it or at least assist in bringing it to market.

Therefore, you need not bail out of energy stocks. If you haven’t sold them yet, you probably should not sell them now. And keep an eye out for those very good energy stocks that get punished undeservedly just because they are in an industry that is currently out of favor. And if you would like to see the specific oil stocks we are highest on, go to our Best-Stocks-to-Buy-Now page.

What To Do With Your Energy Stock Investments