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Oritani Financial Corporation (ORIT) is a financial holding company for Oritani Bank. Oritani Bank is one of the largest community banks in the state of New Jersey, and it provides a wide range of retail (personal) and commercial (business) loan and deposit products.

Stock Fundamentals

Oritani is one of the better-run banks that we cover. It can boast of a steady stream of positive cash flows and steady stream of growing (or at least mostly growing) profits, cash flows, free cash flows, book value of equity, sales, and dividends.

Furthermore, its balance sheet is in decent shape. It appears slightly more levered than it has been historically. But Oritani has always been one of the more conservatively run banks. Relative to its peers, Oritani’s balance sheet is not weak. In fact, we would characterize it as at least average (if not higher).

We would not consider Oritani a Buy for now. However, we do feel that its dividend is solid and is not in danger of being cut. Oritani is not one of the best monthly dividend stocks we cover, but it is close. For those investors who want a solid, mid-sized company with room to grow, Oritani would make an excellent prospect.

Stat Sheet – Oritani Financial Corporation 4/6/16

Ticker ORIT
Industry Regional Bank
Price $ 16.73
Market Cap  $ 690
Dividend Yield 4.18
Dividend/CFOp 0.593
Equity/Assets 0.156
Financial Strength Average
Growth Prospects Above Average
Sales Stability Average
Beta 0.40
Price Volatility Below Average
Stock Fundamentals C
Recommendation Hold

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Highest Paying Dividend Stocks – In Focus ORIT

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