Highest Paying Dividend Stocks – In Focus DBD

In our “In Focus” posts, we try to give a little more detail on the stocks with the highest paying dividends. We want to shed light on whether the highest paying dividend stocks are the best dividend paying stocks.


Diebold is a technology company that works with businesses to provide them self-service and security systems to service their customers. Specifically, it develops, manufactures, sells and services automated teller machines, electronic and physical security systems, and software & integrated systems.

Stock Fundamentals

In the last year, Diebold has exhibited a disturbing increase in financial leverage. Its equity-to-assets ratio is the lowest it has been in almost eight years. We still have its financial strength listed as Average. However, if it deteriorates further, we may change this rating. Furthermore, DBD has a subpar growth outlook. And the price of its stock has more than kept pace with the market over the last few months; therefore it is not priced at a bargain level.

Still, DBD is a well-respected firm within its industry and it is not wildly overpriced. DBD can be classified with the majority of most stocks as “Average.” Though it has a high dividend yield, there is nothing special about this firm at this time. And dividend investors can find better bargains elsewhere.

Stat Sheet – Diebold Incorporated

Ticker DBD
Industry Scientific & Tech. Instruments
Price $ 28.57
Market Cap  $ 1,857
Dividend Yield 4.03
Financial Strength Average
Growth Prospects Below Average
Beta 1.56
Price Volatility Average
Stock Fundamentals C
Recommendation Hold

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Highest Paying Dividend Stocks – In Focus DBD

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